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Images of love to share

Cute romantic love images with short phrases to dedicate to your girlfriend or boyfriend and express your feelings. Share with the whole world that we are in love. Send nice cards with pictures of hearts.

Send love phrases with beautiful images to dedicate to the person you love is a very nice detail.

Now you can download images with love phrases and send your partner by Whatsapp or share on Facebook.

Want to express your love to someone but you can’t find the right words? Do you want to show a special person that you are currently thinking about them and need an appropriate image of love to remind her and those special days together? Do you find yourself in the distance and want to give your best wishes with the right words? Look no more, and whatever the reason, find the perfect short romantic phrase for you, accompanied by exceptional romantic photos and images of love.

Images to make someone fall in love with you through messages and phrases of love 

Revive the magic of falling in love; from the first days next to your partner, or extraordinary memories such as your commitment, your wedding, or the birth of your first child, through tender images and the best thoughts and reflections of love. Express with images what we feel is one of the most beautiful unforgettable gifts that we can do. A simple gift jet filled of sentiment that will delight anyone. Scream to the world how you feel by sharing photographs of love and most beautiful phrases on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or the place that goes better with your lifestyle. Loving messages that will make you a successful person.

Many of us who hang to love images and phrases moved by the enthusiasm of first times (as in the case of adolescents), moved the sadness and anxiety of a love with distance or an unreciprocated love, or contrary by the fullness of a corresponded love, we carry these feelings on our daily lives. Images of love can have an infinite variety, because it is said that the one who feels love can see it in a thousand ways, even in the clouds or in the darkness. This variety can range from the cinematic images of love, with couples who have thrilled us and made us cry with their stories; romantic images that inspires us, nature itself through the flowers, of the Bohemian look of cities, the purity of the finest landscapes. Including the images of our own pure love, promoted by the feelings generated by our children, whether they are older or newly born, our relatives or friends images of smiles, kisses or hugs.


Imagens of Love is found

Even if you are single or if you are actually in a relationship, don’t wait any longer to find romance; a sincere and original dedication, or phrases and scenes that will help you understand that a breakup or rejection is part of life and even comprehend that your ideal partner could be found just around the corner. Because love is a universal feeling, it does not have to be exclusively directed to a couple, our grandparents, parents, nephews, or friends can also be the purposes of best wishes and words of affection. Because love does not discriminate shapes and colors, but is full of light and magic and through a beautiful photograph and words, love can be expressed.

To love is to ignore reason and surrender to the feeling and walking divided by the other person it doesn’t matter if we are corresponded or not. True love, the real love, has no camouflaged and faked interest, its generous and noble, and independent on how our love story ends, love always teaches us the most profound lessons in life, opening our eyes to new stories and providing us with an experience that will undoubtedly be useful in the future. Love is a path to happiness, but also to other states, such as understanding, empathy, sadness, selfishness or solidarity… in short, towards the own personal knowledge.

Enjoy beautiful images of the best tender pretty images of love. Special photographs for everyone, full of tenderness and affection which will fill you with passion. Don’t wait any longer to find those which come closest to your way of thinking or your current feelings. Discover the great selection of proposals we offer: short love phrases, phrases of love, romantic images and photos with reflections of love, and… to fall in love!


The phrases of love with messages and romantic words are perfect to send your partner and express that we are in love.

In this gallery of cute images of love you can choose the card that you like and send whatsapp or Facebook to your wife or husband.

Beautiful phrases of love with beautiful images of lovers to say I love you.

Send images with kisses, cards of hearts or some romantic phrases is a beautiful detail. We can express what we feel in our hearts and that everyone knows.


In our gallery of beautiful images with reflection phrases, you will find messages to think and to share.

Beautiful cards with phrases to reflect and send your friends with nice messages to think.

Reflection images for the profile of your Whatsapp or to put on your Facebook and that everyone sees.

Beautiful postcards with beautiful phrases of life to motivate our day to day.

Beautiful messages with reflections on love that motivate our hearts and share beautiful romantic dedications with our partner.


What is love?

Is a simple question which, however, contains many inquiries and opinions on the matter. A question that all human beings ask themselves at some point in life, given the importance and universality of this feeling. Maybe the way to understand love and live it is sometimes subjective, but there are many features that we all experience when loving: love, respect, understanding, joy, tenderness, humor and collaboration… Feeling complete with the company of our loved ones is the most important goal when looking for the meaning of love, and this is something that we all enjoyed to a greater or lesser extent. Who doesn’t have a child for whom they would do anything, a brother who becomes your best friend, a grandparents who become a living memory of the best moments of your childhood, or a partner with which you want to spend the rest of your time, thanks to the good times that you spend together and how they treat you. There are many possibilities, and this makes it very difficult for someone not to know love, or someone that hasn’t had the opportunity to feel it and live it. We want you to remember those great moments with our selection of images of love and beautiful words for lovers. Find the meaning of love through our unique and original photographs.

Love phrases with fine words to make some love you

Celebrating love in any of its forms is something typical of humans, reinvented today because of the Internet. This new space of communication has led to the need to share our feelings with each other; to scream to the world how good our mother is, that we love our grandparents, what we miss our friends and the great moments we spent with them, or how in love we are our partner. But in current form, these messages are not so different to love letters or messages written in notebooks and folders that were so common until the end of the last century. The 21st century has led to methods of expression less formal but equally effective when it comes to expressing ourselves, since the images you share will reflect your sense of humor, your way of thinking or your most hidden feelings. Search among our romantic videos and share it for free on your favorite networks. Do not hesitate to share what you carry inside and show it to others.

Remember that we are also here to share with you all special dates of the year, you can visit us in and always find your favorite image for your son, your mother or your best friend on their birthday, as well as to give your best wishes to family at Christmas and New Year’s, or to find the best messages of love for Valentine’s day, which is widely celebrated by lovers and all those who wish to. A date that is popular around the world that has been celebrated for centuries through the small presents and the simple words of love.

Romanticism, its importance

Love is a synonym of hope. We imagine how the future would be next to the person that we love, whether we are with them currently or not, this is a normal process of falling in love. For this reason, usually, love is also a synonym of happiness, messages of love, romantic words… In short, love is being a true romantic and dreamer and for this reason those who love tend to become friendlier, more sympathetic, more cheerful and more generous. To dedicate special love phrases and romantic words of love can be something fundamental to keep the flame on, to not lose the desire and motivation in our relationship or to give the initial step when you start a relationship. Love phrases can also serve to enrich our vocabulary and our inspiration when it comes to expressing feelings when we speak. A successful and well-chosen love phrase with respect to our relationship status, can make that difference that is needed to become the other half of another person.

Accompany you in your day to day of the most beautiful love phrases in the world or short dedications of love that you can use to start your days or saying goodbye every night in a very special way. Most romantic characters of history and films have the most sensitive hearts, are full of details and images, enviable and worthy to remember. You must never take love for granted, this is why every detail you can think of or any image that we have, will be essential to keeping the flame of love alive.