Cousins: a special friendship in the same family

Cousins are a part of the family that we often do not remember especially, despite the fundamental importance they have in our lives. There is no cousin’s day, but we are always with them celebrating their joys and sorrows. They are companions, brothers of blood and heart during childhood and will be our eternal friends. Those who have shared the happiness of living with their cousins understand it and that is why today we dedicate these post to them, our cousins …

Cousins, our childhood brothers

Not everyone has the opportunity to have siblings who share our joys and cries during childhood and many of the children have to wait a few years to run with some of their brothers. That’s why who has had a cousin close to his age during childhood, knows that that was his playmate, his toy heir, his accomplice of mischief and his most powerful enemy. Fights that lasted for hours or maybe just a few minutes, after all the time to play could not be wasted and that is something that knows very well any child.

Cousins ​​during childhood may not be seen daily, but at the most important moments of the family group, during birthdays, Christmas, holidays and many evenings at grandma’s house. They share the love of the uncles, of the grandparents and all the cousins ​​together they make a great group of fun, of solidarity, of brotherhood that never is forgotten. Cousins ​​are our childhood brothers, even if we do not live with them.

Cousins, our eternal friends

The brotherhood lived during childhood makes the bonds of love for the rest of our lives. Saying “that’s my cousin” is a synonym for saying “that’s my brother, that’s my friend”. Cousins are the ones who best understand family problems, they are protagonists of the disagreements and also of the memorable moments that are lived within our family tree. Among them there is nothing hidden and that is why they are also complicit and supportive throughout their lives.

It does not matter if distance separates the cousins in adulthood physically, there is a bond that lasts far beyond that distance. The nostalgia for those sweet memories of our childhood and the complicity lived during adolescence is something that will forever mark the bonds of friendship between the cousins.

It is a relationship so beautiful and so close that with our children we begin to unconsciously encourage those ties of brotherhood between cousins! And, after all, the best friends can be in our own family.

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