From love to hate … is there only one step?

From love to hate … is there only one step?

by Love

From love to hate suddenly you see it and do not understand what it is that seduced you, so many years ago that even lies to you. Now it seems that even repulsion you feel for his words, his gestures and everything he does. The strangest thing of all is that his words and gestures were until yesterday the most tender, the most romantic, the most loving … What has happened then? The charm is over, the spell has no effect, love has disappeared.

And … what is all this history? The reality that many couples live that go from love to hatred in one step. But … did it really happen in one step?

Love and hate, feelings so far away and at the same time so close

Love is a noble feeling, does not keep envy or jealousy, does not admit possession because it is distorted, is created in freedom and is not manipulated, and although the words love and lack of love are associated mainly with the couple, you can feel love for any person, family or friends, of any sex; since love is simply wishing everything good from the world to the other.

From love to hate

Really, love is such a pure feeling, that one rarely lives for real, perhaps the purest love can be that of a mother for her children or that of a child for her parents. There are couples who really feel love, but this can begin to fade in the midst of feelings such as anger, sadness, indifference or jealousy. Out of respect for that same love you have, or at least memories, you may decide to silence the lack of love that increasingly touches the door. Every drop of indifference or sadness is a step on the way to hatred, and the road may be long, even though we believe that the last step was also the first. From love to hate there is not a single step!

Some say there that you can only hate who you have loved, although the feelings of love and hate are independent; What is certain is that you can measure the intensity of hatred when you have been immersed in unbridled love. Tell me if you do not want to hate with intensity who has tried to love without receiving a shred of love in return. But … why hate those kind of people? Moreover, it is almost advisable not to do so, as they say, from hate to love there may also be only one step …

How the love of hate is so easily passed? People in stages of divorce, anger is often rationalized in an endless discussion about how to end the relationship. Share a beautiful image of love

“Tell us how you pass your love to hate”


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