May love never cut off your wings

Love is pure, it is good, it is healthy …, it never cuts off any person’s wings. When you think that love is cutting your wings, ending your desires or stopping your aspirations, it is because there is another feeling disguised as love caused by you or the person you love. Let’s talk in this post of those toxic feelings disguised as love.

Toxic feelings that cut your wings

1. The insecurity

The insecurity that you may have in you produces a low self-esteem that is usually generated in childhood due to overprotection or lack of care and love on the part of the parents. This absence of feeling of love creates an insecurity that is to fill in our adult stage with objects or with a love of couple, producing toxic relations of dependence created by ourselves. Jealousy is a consequence of low self-esteem and the worst of all is that they cut your wings. You begin to dedicate more of your life to the anguish and insecurity that will fulfill your mission of life.

2. The manipulation

Other times the toxic feeling can come from outside and enters our lives through guilt. A sacrificed parent, a weak couple with low esteem, a poorly cared for child, an abandoned partner or friendship, are all breeding grounds for manipulation. You must understand that each one is responsible for the life that he decided to live and each of us has a talent to express, a mission to fulfill, an essence to let go. To live without being able to do it really brings depression, lack of love, sadness and anguish. There is only one life to live it, decide to live making the difference in the world around you and do not let them cut your wings with manipulation.

3. Comfort

Being in a comfort zone with our parents or with our partner is a difficult scenario to undertake longings and dreams. It is easier to achieve our dreams when we are in an uncomfortable environment, as it pushes us every day to get out of it. This situation is produced by us and by no one else, in this case nobody cuts our wings, we decided to atrophy them by not using them to fly. The excuse can be love, but it really is not the cause, it is the mask behind the lack of discipline, lack of value, lack of responsibility in living life.

Living with the cut wings is not the fault of the other, it is a decision made by you that will give you more insecurity, sadness, lack of love and depression.

Get out of this picture and paint a life with color!

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